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Racing car served as a source for commercial development land of automotive, green technology test. The organization officially-sanctioned races, the FIA and the formula was founded with the express purpose of promoting the sustainable vehicle technology. In 2013, a study on the measurement of the total formula and EV [electric vehicles] has given market during the next 25 years (2015-2040) and its economic, environmental and social impact of width in order. The authors of the study came to the conclusion that an electric car would be to sell another track SVE 77 million worldwide, in order to save 4 billion barrels of oil and contribute to savings of 2 billion euros ($ 2179 billion) in health care. Study in hand, in the September 2014, the Group began its first season race and the formula in Beijing, the first step in a programme of ten racing international. Formula and CEO Alejandro Agag will be displayed 6 at Long Beach State University in advance. , the ePrix of long beach last weekend said that students, who was the target, changing fundamentally make public, electric vehicles and that the formula of the future. In its report the race event on April 4 in long beach, California reported the Los Angeles Times, that a fan could save the sound of the common races and brad p 30 30 download instead stop changing batteries of refuelling. Series formula cars and have lots of energy, but accelerates the acceleration 0-62 mph in 3 seconds, with the head at nearly 150 km per hour. FIA Formula and this is not the first organization of races to raise environmental concerns. In the year 2013 Indy 500 emissions refers to cars with ethanol is mixed. However, as the water the Centre of Colombia, a number of scientists, the ethanol production cycle compared with, considered gasoline, cannot be absolutely no reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Citing a study by the Argonne National Laboratory, said that intensive use of corn ethanol, is between 20 to 324 gallons of water for every gallon of ethanol in water is consumed. Of course, if the FIA Formula and actually want to promote sustainable technology, need to recharge solar energy in their batteries in photovoltaic race car. Farewell to the Sierra Club specified in Central carbon can more CO2 and SO2 from electric vehicles to emit pollution hybrid electric car. .